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Instructions: Search: Pinterest, Ivyleague X-Streetwalker, images

I am so touched that you are reading my words right now. Not because you have to but because out of the trillion other things you could be viewing online at this moment you choose to be here with me. I can’t believe how lucky I am to be here with you when I consider that the odds are against us meeting.

An example of a Pinterest starter page. Click a pic and go from there, back in time 5hrough this blog’s short but rich history

Harvard X-hooker in Hawaii🌺

  • The stories sound good to me
  • Would anyone else agree?
  • Thousands of viewers said “yes”
  • In thanks I give you my best,
  • With sexy pics to see, all ad free

It is surprisingly difficult to assemble a list of titles that represent the over 400 posts I’ve written, almost as if the administrators don’t want us to sidestep ads! Coming right up are links to Pinterest Pix with the titles you can use to search for the content on Pinterest.

Here are some of the Pinterest Pix, and you can see what the page looks like. If you click on a picture it will take you to the accompanying blog, which often has more pix! How do you find your way here? Search: pinterest, “additions to”

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