IImagine how incomprehensibly scary it would have been had we seen a sneak peek of June 5, 2029 headlines!

Watching George Floyd’s funeral broadcast simultaneously on the major networks gave me a unique optimism…

There is no way to imagine the specifics of life. Can you picture crowds chanting your name as a battle cry full of meaning? I cannot. But what I can hope for is a life change so profound I literally cannot imagine it. This is how the sight of this funeral gives me hope.

A month ago he was an ordinary citizen. Never imagining his funeral was right around the corner. And even if he imagined he could die, in that vague distant way we imagine our deaths, he could never have conceived his funeral would be broadcast live, and I am sure, internationally. It is likely that the majority of the world’s population with access to international news saw his murder. There’s no way he could have seen that coming. Somehow this unpredictability inspires me. I want so much to have a…deeper existence than I have now. I finally understand that it is alright if I can’t formulate an exact plan to make this happen.

Recent Events Prove How Broad “anything” can be when we say anything can happen

Can you imagine your name as a mantra? How would they chant Caroleena? An emphasis on a certain syllable, CaroLEENa or sing song, Ca-ro-LEE-na. Our minds are too small to picture what’s in store for us and we can never fathom the possibilities. Dear if the unknown future is a main cause if anxiety. For me, the fact that the future could be incomprehensibly different from the present is what keeps me going. What would we do without the unknown? If we knew the ending of every movie. If we caught a sneak peek at today’s headlines on January 1st of this year we wouldn’t even understand them. A mere hint with no explanation would’ve been scary. It’s best we not know and revel in it


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