Sex Standard: No Animal Involvement. People try to mingle with animals in a myriad of ways that I learned to forbid

One non negotiable sex standard that is experience based is my requirement that partners be human. But humans only is a it more complex. That also means I don’t want to see the video of the dog having its anal glands expressed. That was a terrible surprise ending. The guy knew I would not like it and that is why he did not give me the details. Unbelievably oh, but maybe not, he wanted me to watch it again. I had to firmly put my foot down. That is a hard no. I refuse to hear the story about the woman and the pony in Mexico. Oh theres a video? Not watching. I do not want to meet your female friend who likes to have sex with dogs bc of the way the male dogs swell up so they stay attached and no ther male can have the female for up to an hour after the deed is done. I learned about that in college. You say your friend made that happy discovery and enjoys her time with her dog so much more. I do not care to hear how she found this out and for sure I am not including her in any group sex bc I know who she will want to bring. People, some of them, are very good to their animals. I do not want to follow anyone’s suggestion about petting their dog in a different way that he really likes. He doesn’t bark as much when he is content. No, I won’t make that adjustment for the beloved dog. I am an animal lover but not that way . I do not intend to hear, again, how men like female sheep bc they feel like human females and a guy can get rougher with them than with women. Women tend to object to sexual battery. How annoying!Men get female sheep to stand motionlessly no matter what, by putting the animal at the edge of a cliff, facing the drop. Sheep are too scared to move forward and too dumb to back up. So I have been told. I end up hearing stories like this once but I remember the words. When a guy begins to talk about a distasteful subject I know how to cut him off before he gets in too deep. (Usually, but not always, it’s a guy telling the story.)

No live animals, no animal videos, no pix, no stories. I find every form of bestiality unacceptable. Sure, the animals don’t seem to mind. I suppose it is not rape, but there’s no way to be sure the animal is truly okay with what’s happening. Besides on some fundamental gut level that’s something I just cannot have in any form. I don’t think very many men or women will publicly admit to involvement with live animals, but they will acknowledge interest in watching videos on the subject. Everything’s available to see online and it’s not like a person would have to admit to going out of his or her way to obtain such a video. A person could claim to have just stumbled upon the video and not even know what it was then end up watching it. Watching a video does not necessarily indicate prurient interest, and I think that sometimes people hide behind that–which is another reason why I do not allow bestiality videos. In addition to my disgust, allowing the video to play in my presence, even if I am not watching, appears to open a door I have slammed shut. I do not want to give people the wrong idea of what I find acceptable. Sexually disappointed people can be very unpleasant. The incidents I have shared are true stories. People are so creative that it forces the mind to think expansively about new and strange topics. I am totally fine with saying “no” to all of the above.


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