When it comes to sex I bet you think you’ve heard it all. A working girl received a request that will shock you!

The Craziest Thing I had to do as a working girl

I had a client who used to pay me to let him watch while I went on the computer and…took IQ tests‼ He didn’t help me, he only watched. He was in charge of taking care of himself. I focussed on the questions. A sample question is:

A is to 1, as B is to 3, as C is to ? The multiple choice answer key🔠➡

A. 1 B. 3 C. 4 D. 5

I’d choose the answer while stood behind me, bent at the waist so he could watch my fingers on the keyboard💻. When I got the answer right, as I often did, he would whisper, “you are so very smart.” 💯 After I completed the test he’d score it. Each week he had a different test for me. He was a psychologist, a Ph.D., and he had many tests and answer keys at his disposal in his exceptionally well appointed office with the kelly green and burgundy color scheme. I argued with him when he said the tests were not culturally biased and he also took pleasure in good repartee. He enjoyed hearing my contention that the idea of doing a test that relates to no real world situations was in itself culturally specific to academia🤓. He told me he wanted to see if my lack of sobriety affected my score over time. Apparently it did not. I believed he padded my score when he said I consistently scored 142. Previously I never scored above 137, usually closer to 130. An hour goes by quickly when you’re having fun and I enjoyed myself immensely🆒. I offered to do other written work like spelling tests, book reports, that sort of thing. He declined. The IQ test was his big turn on. That was a nice way to make $100/hour💲. I offered other guys the same service but there were no takers. Out of the entire story only the previous sentence was unsurprising, yes? Just when you think you’ve heard it all you find out there’s a world of strangeness you are not privy to. By the way, the answer to the question is 5. But you knew that!

A is to 1 as B is to 3 as C is to 5
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