You’ve never heard addiction explained in this Revolutionary way

Why do they do it?

Why do they keep using or start using again when they know it will ruin everything? Because what the addict knows has little to do with reality. The addict makes a choice but not with the same information the non addict has. Let me explain.

Let us closely examine the elements of choice. We have choices but that does not make us all powerful. Our choices are limited to what we know. Ever heard “if you can see it you can be it?” We are limited to what we know. Addiction lies to the addict

Revolutionary idea about addiction. It’s nothing to do with will power. It’s a thought disorder akin to schizophrenia. Why would an addict make the choice to use again after a period of sobriety? We make choices based upon what we think we know. The Schizophrenic doesn’t make the choice to talk to a voice he knows isn’t there. He chooses to talk to a voice he believes is there. Addicts don’t choose to ruin their lives. The addiction talks to them, distorts what they know. This time it’ll be different. I am not like other people. Schizophrenia involves delusions of persecution, often, addiction involves delusions of grandeur. I can stop anytime unlike these other people. Sober support is important bc it keeps you sane. We identify lying with immorality when it’s really a thought disorder. The addict believes he is right when he says I will stop in time to make it to work. Others know how it’ll play out. It’s only a mystery to the addict who believes the story of his using can end differently. I once told a counselor that using was an adventure. The counselor said it wasn’t bc it was the same old story. Only sobriety is unpredictable. The predictable course of events, with individual variation is what qualifies addiction as a disease.

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