Of Course Hatred Has Solved Problems! Allow Me to Defend Negativity without Irony

Yes, Hatred Has. Place

I believe in balance, yin and yang. It is more than hatred showing us what love is in comparison. We ask why does a good God allow suffering? Perhaps what hurts us does not qualify as suffering. Our tiny minds are too weak and too limited by time to know the long term effects of the suffering we condemn. We don’t know that the victim will become a martyr who inspires a movement that changes the world. But if we limit our discussion to the small human mind and the attendant weakness of spirit, we must observe that nothing unites people more than a common enemy. Not someone to love. Someone to hate.

I believe that properly directed anger is at the heart of overcoming those who would be our victimizers. But that’s me.

Continuing down the road of human foibles, I have personally found myself lifted out of depression and motivated by spite to fight. Anger can be a saving force when things are extraordinarily bleak, like when I returned to prison after a relapse on drugs and a couple of hundred people loved seeing the Harvard Grad brought down. Oh, how the mighty have fallen! They were so happy. I don’t know how I would have made it without my hatred and defiance. Don’t say love bc believe me, I was not there. I am not saying hate, always and forever, just that it has a role and like everything else, can be put to good use.

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