The link to a story about the experiment ordering people to deliver electric shocks: Rethinking One of Psychology’s Most Infamous Experiments – The Atlantic


A fancy way of saying people pretty much follow the crowd, good or bad. Character is more determined by what’s going on around us than what’s going on within us. I believe that is mostly true. But less true for people like me who struggle to connect to the group. People like me do our own thing. Depending on the circumstances that’s called principled, overbearing, oblivious, or brave. I think a person who can plug into the crowd has an easier life. No wonder I could defy convention and engage in the most vilified behavior. By the time I hit the streets I was already separate from humanity. Never fitting , never having friends, never engaging in the rituals that mark life’s milestones. Birthday parties, prom, weddings. None of that has been a part of my life. Yet what’s defined as the dormant capacity for evil just waiting to be directed to the surface isn’t within me. And I’m pretty certain I would not have shocked the people bc I had been told to do it. I know because I have stopped people from abusing other people. I have done what I know to be right and maybe now I understand why lone bravery doesn’t win friends. It might have been better for me if I could shock them.

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