How To Get What YOU want From a Sex Worker 💋By Doing This One Simple Thing


YMMV? This translates to your mileage may vary. If you read discussion sites that are written by men who want to compare notes about seeing different providers, you will often see ymmv. In other words, what a provider will happily do with one guy, she may or may not do with anyone else. But why is that? Isn’t she there to make money? Shouldn’t she always give her best if she wants to be successful? Let me explain why providers have different attitudes towards different guys. The short answer is different guys have varying attitudes towards providers.

Imagine that you have come to spend time with a provider. Both of you know that the expectation is she is going to spend time with you. There’s no confusion. However, she does not enter the room until you ask her to. Of course after you asked her to come into the room she does. But she does not step toward you until you initiate the invitation. compare this imaginary provider with a different imaginary provider. Imagine that the second woman is happily in the room with you from the get-go, ready and waiting to begin the interaction. In both cases you ultimately get the interaction you wanted, but would you find the experience the same? Probably not. You would probably go with the provider who did not have to be asked the obvious. at the end of the day, upon further reflection, it’s likely that you will feel a lingering sense of annoyance at the first provider for making you ask.

No doubt you are reading and thinking, “I know all of this already why is she saying this?” I say this because you would be amazed, absolutely amazed, at how many guys do not pay until the provider asks. Once the provider asks, there are a number of different responses. The tiny minority of guys will look with wide-eyed innocence and ask “you wanted something? I didn’t know that.” And then they’d look at you with the same look of wide-eyed innocence, hoping you’ll say “that’s alright forget about it.” Those guys are pretty rare. 

Usually, guys have a standard response after you say, gently, “so… maybe you have something for me…?” These guys also affect a look of wide-eyed innocence. But they spring into action. They make a show of looking for that pesky wallet, now where did it go…? They pat themselves down. they look in the shirt they might have removed. They come up with the wallet and remove some bills. They look at you and say “where do you want me to put this?” kind of holding it up in the air as if this is sort of a strange thing that you want and they are not sure of how to proceed.

Let’s say, for the sake of argument that the recommended donation is somewhere in the hundreds of dollars. I have always been a curious sort who experiments with different scenarios. So there were many times that I would not ask for anything upfront and wait until the end just to see what there was to see. Guys who had previously shorted me gave me the proper amount as dictated by the market without promoting, if I asked up front. Ah ha! I had figured as much!They knew what they were supposed to pay! All the previous times they were hustling me. I also noticed they always paid with one or two large bills, like a hundred dollar bill or fifties, the rest in fives or tens. I hypothesized they came prepared, if and only if, I insisted they come correct. But if I was too trusting, they had the small bills in order to seize the moment and short me. Carpe diem, I guess. They think they are getting over by playing games but the joke is on them.

I said before I was such a woman as a provider. I unsuccessfully attempted to adopt male indifference towards the opposite sex when wearing my provider hat (so to speak). Yet, I couldn’t help getting my feelings hurt when guys who had built trust with me shorted me the first time I didn’t ask for the money beforehand.

Caroleena, overly emotional provider


What difference does it make if the provider gets the money after all? Just as a guy would prefer a provider who didn’t play games, providers want the same thing. No matter what the guy’s opinion of providers, the fact remains that they, like everyone else, want respect. Providers don’t want to feel like they are being mistreated. And if you get a guy who comes in and straight away does what he’s supposed to do, you feel he understands what you need. This is a person you want to hang on to. This is a person you want to make the best effort with. This is a person you could like. As opposed to someone you don’t really care if you see again or not, except for the fact that you can squeeze a little money out of him. It’s ironic–a guy coming correct with the money is one of the surest ways to get a provider to see said guy as something more than a dollar sign. Because he shows that he sees the provider as more than a p**** surrounded by flesh.


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