I am always intrigued by treachery and I think I see the trick in reverse mortgages you should notice

Are you familiar with the commercial for reverse mortgages that features Tom Selleck. He says reverse mortgages are not some trick for the bank to take your house. Tom Selleck does not lie about the terms of reverse mortgages. However, within the truth I see how the elderly or their heirs can lose their home. Let’s say They need money. No one in the family can help. They have to put up their home for the loan. But they don’t have to pay the loan back until it is due in full when they leave the home. Good deal, right? Maybe, but only if you consider this question: When do the elderly leave their homes? When they die. Since no payments have been made, it is unlikely the heirs can pay the debt. Hence, the bank gets the home. That’s why the loan is for people who are more likely to die before paying that bill–old people. You can figure out that the terms of repayment present a problematic temptation but the commercials don’t make it obvious.


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