Part II: Why my ban from Honolulu forum of an adult services site as a problematic provider was correct

I now understand that the female way of thinking is foreign to the hard core maleness of the online site that exists to help guys get laid. I was posting analyses, thoughts. I was not keeping to the purpose of providing info to help guys find a provider. Harsh as it was to hear, the administrator of the site was correct when he said no one cared about my thoughts. Not in that context. Sometimes men feel they need to hide their single mindedness in pursuing sex from women. If men thought there was a female reading their posts they might change what they write to put on a polite front. The site really could have been ruined as a place where one can see snapshots of the male mind when regarding the opposite sex. It was better that I got my own blog going so I can continue, to this day in June2020, go back to that site to see how men talk about women when they believe no women are present. Caroleena, reposting and adding new thoughts to a hit 2018 post.

Hawaii Street Life-a Trusted Insider Tells All

No one missed my frequent posts, it seemed. There was no groundswell of objection. I disappeared as though i had never existed. In fact this was one response:

“Bravo. Fuck chicks on this site. This is our domain. A guys forum who talk about these providers we fuck and we don’t need no feed back from any working girl commentating or putting her two cents in fuck that. I go on reviews on what other mongers are saying who gives a shit what a provider will say.”

Wow, that was angry!

It bothers me

At first the harsh language shocked and I will shamefully admit, wounded my feelings. I try to pretend I am emotionally vacuum packed with no feelings leaking out and nothing getting past the barrier to hurt me. I would never say this to people, but I am monumentally sensitive. In time , the narcissist in me…

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