I Speak Out BC I Love My Country🇺🇸 Trump’s Silence Makes Me Doubt His True Patriotism.

I was certain I had missed the president’s address about race relations. I could not recall date, time, context, or content, but I knew the president said something. How could he not? Every time I went online, I saw companies that had no direct involvement w/ race relations publicly posting their support of change. If the 🐱 cat food people have taken a stand against racism, surely our president said something..? But no. I had given the president too much credit.

Trump’s silence on the matter is even more resonant than President Reagan’s failure to say “AIDS,” even once. I always thought the story of the Roman Emperor Nero playing the violin 🎻 while Rome burned was fictitious simply bc it was literally impossible. I was wrong. It is absolutely possible for the “leader” to occupy himself with his own interests while his country is aflame🔥and obviously in desperate need of leadership.

During the greatest state of society-wide upheaval I have ever seen Trump speaks of–himself, and how he has been wronged. Trump’s self -centerdness reminds me of a common trait people addicted to drugs share, the obsession with self. I am NOT saying Trump is on drugs. I am merely noticing that his mentality as expressed in his speech reminds me of people with profound impairments in perceptions and thought.

I have been as open-minded to Trump as possible. I have not disliked him simply bc so many who look like me detest him. In fact, given my tendency toward oppositional defiance, I suspended judgment about President Trump. I can no longer pretend this guy might be alright after all. When I consider my own observations from an admittedly biased media, I say, based upon what I think I know, Trump has to go.

Trump’s Silence About Race Is Even More Resonant Than Reagan’s Failure to Utter “AIDS.”

Caroleena, making a sweeping generalization she cannot support by noting similarities between Republican presidents who failed to deal with matters deemed irrelevant by their kind of people

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