A man believes every word he speaks is gold, but can he listen to a woman?

Women have to say “no means no.” It is not just that men don’t listen to women when it most matters. Like when women say they may be near a bed but they don’t want to get in. Men do not admit to hearing the “no” as they wheedle, cajole, and even pressure for sex. Some men take not listening to the next level. With ears closed, he will happily accept overpowering her so she can no longer resist as a “yes.”

The Double Not-Listening Standard

Men, on the other hand, will say “I don’t want a serious relationship.” At which point they will do everything to mislead her to get more out of her. A woman is more willing to play wifey if she thinks she’s rehearsing not pretending. When she finally demands to know when he plans to make good on his implied promises, he will fall back on, “well, I told you I didn’t want a relationship.” One statement, said only once, maybe years ago, is his fall back position when cornered and unable to avoid questions about popping the question

. You see why “no means no,” is so irritating?


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