When you help addicts you never know when one or more will return to rob you

Suddenly the lights in apartment blinked off and on 3 times. At about 3:40 a.m. on Friday July 03, 2020. The sequence ended as it began, with lights in the on position. I think it was the wall light but since I’m in the kitchen I’m I sure. The sounds of cars in the parking lot are audible to me on the 10th floor. I hear water running suddenly in some other apartment. I don’t know what it means. Fyi, just journaling in the wee hours.

As paranoid as it sounds the reality is you have to be aware that simply by having a place to live, people addicted to drugs see you as a target who can well afford to part with some of your belongings. The typical manner of thought pattern goes like this: You have so much more than they do. These items will make more of a difference in their lives should they acquire them, than they will make in your life if you were to keep them. Why, you will never notice what is missing. And if you do notice something is missing, lucky thing they have just the replacement to sell you, as it happens! Taken from someone else, but the item is being used for a good cause. When something benefits the person who takes it, then that cannot really be considered theft.

Any little bump in the night can throw a scare into a person. Too bad I wasn’t paranoid before I let people know where I live! I won’t ever make this mistake again.

One response to “When you help addicts you never know when one or more will return to rob you”

  1. Blinked four times , stopping in the off position. This is when I wish I had even one friend but I have no one to call and nowhere to go whether this is a basic electricity glitch or something major that happens all the time but I’m asleep. I need to invest my time in people that will remain and stop spending time with people who tolerate me but give nothing more than That. Maybe it is time to move out of here and into a tricked out van so I can drive the Al-Can Highway


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