Thwarting Facial Recognition Software: X-Hookr Life Hack #76


Take a selfie and alter it using one of the photo editor apps that changes the background, adds make-up, adds a filter, whatever. You will find that your picture is no longer recognizable as you and to take it further, your edited picture is no longer recognized as a face. Confirm you results by taking your altered picture and present it to a face editing app, not as a continuation of the editing you are in the process of doing, but as a new picture you are editing for the first time. You will see “No Face Detected.” Great for preserving privacy!

Apps I Use

I like Photo Lab, Photo Editor, Adobe to name a few. I often want to return to a picture I have edited when I get a burst of inspiration. It has always annoyed me that once I edit the picture I can no longer get the app to add further features to the face, as a face. A high school acquaintance contacted me on Facebook and said she could not send a picture because she was trying to adopt kids and was worried about people using facial recognition software to detect her face online. It was then that I understood I had stumbled upon a glitch in the system of facial recognition. She converted her picture to a sketch and no longer had to worry about being recognized. It is nice to that see my self-involvement can be used for the good of society.

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