The Truth About Police Dishonesty

Sometimes police need a suspect to see them as friends but that is not always the honest truth. What do they do? They lie. It is a lie to say police do not lie.

The truth about Police officer dishonest: Police are allowed to lie. It is a rule. They are not supposed to threaten suspects with harm of any kind. They are not supposed to bribe suspects. But they can lie. (A fun fact: Prison guards are also allowed to lie as an investigative tactic.) “Witnesses saw you at the scene.” Or “we have your fingerprints.” On one episode of Dateline the police told a suspect, “we talked to your mom and she said she wants you to tell us everything.” Logically it follows that undercover officers do not have to admit they are police If questioned. How such an absurd believe became widespread I will never know!

If you are like me you thought there was an honor code that prohibits dishonesty across the board. There is an honor code. Officers are held to a higher standard than the general public. They are never really off duty. I would speculate that being a police officer is more of a way of life than a job. I am not sure if they are disciplined for unseemly conduct that’s not illegal, like yelling obscenities at passing drivers in a fit of road rage.

Can they use racial slurs? Join hate groups? Official policy probably varies by jurisdiction.

These three roles are never supposed to be played by the same man. Police man. Para-military doomsday survivalist. Klansman

I do know that an officer caught committing a crime is supposed to be punished more severely than a civilian. Assuming, of course, that his law enforcement connections don’t allow him to skirt consequences altogether. I question if it is possible to get to the truth through lies. But, like Pontius Pilate said regarding the prospect of crucifying Jesus over allegations which may or may not be true, what is truth? Maybe there’s no way to find out what really happened unless someone, at the very least, misleads. “Tell us what happened and this will be over.”

The take away, don’t get in trouble assuming the cop means it when he says, “be honest so we can help you” A big time lie!

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