Why men dressed as women look so masculine–to me

Men dressed like women (called mahus in Hawaii, ,look like women dressed by men creating their one dimensional fantasy woman. That’s why they present themselves as sex objects on display for men’s viewing pleasure. It is telling that to men, taking on a female identity often means hypersexuality. They never present themselves according to other female stereotypes. They never go with a doting mother persona. Or a nun. Why not don a Hilary Clinton power suit. I have never seen a man take on the identity of a masculine leaning lesbian. Magus are so aggressive about their sexuality that their over the top presentation is not feminine but in a class all its own. Their presentation seems quite aggressive, in your face, who cares if you do not like it. This aggression is more masculine than feminine. Combine aggression with reducing women to sex objects for the pleasure of men and I cannot help but think of mahus, cross-dressers, and transgender people who behave accordingly as distinctly, especially, male. Ironic

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