I can tell this article was written by a woman and now i have misused my escort background


How to bring more of what you want to my escort stories

People want to know how the sex work taught me stuff. They want more than just knowing I did something. GET SPECIFIC ABOUT SEX WORK

I read the article expecting something new and unusual but got the same old stuff. Listen to him, don’t be upset about his sex requests, stop arguing and accusing. I knew all that already. I was bored reading that post.I AM SURE I HAVE BEEN BORING

How I knew the author was a woman

Now I get what guys have been saying. TOO MANY WORDS!

The plan to make this site what I think it should be: Keep it short, shock the readers with my shocking experiences. Always bring the story back to sex work.

Caroleena’s formula to tighten the site


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