OUR IMPOSSIBLE STANDARDS: Will Hollywood Icons Topple Like Confederate Statues In Current Cancel Culture?

This article ponders whether some more rememberances of some Hollywood moguls and stars will be destroyed as well. https://deadline.com/2020/07/peter…

Will Hollywood Icons Topple Like Confederate Statues In Current Cancel Culture?

If we judge people by: 1. Today’s standards and 2. Every action or statement attributed to someone over the course of a lifetime we will never be able to respect much less idolize anyone. I would bet that if everyone knew everything about other people and applied no forgiveness or understanding, human contact would cease

It is foolish to admire someone’s acting but deny that skill because of unrelated transgressions. John Wayne was a racist. Now we don’t like his acting. What if racism goes out of fashion and the sin du jour becomes cruelty to animals. We will have to do a whole new investigation. In the end we will discover what we already know. Everyone qualifies to be stoned but no one is qualified to throw the stones. (In case you’re wondering, I think Pete Rose should be in the baseball hall of fame if his athleticism qualified him. Gambling did not take away the past.

Why do we hold people to standards we could never meet? If all the different people with their competing values the truth of all of your opinions over a lifetime would you have supporters?

Caroleena, believer that the Bible is correct to state we all fall short of the glory of God
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