Guys say “No Strings Attached” is better for them than prostitution

If you are a rare woman who has overcome her essentially female nature to have sex with someone who cares about you, rave on, embrace NSA. No strings attached. All the sex with none of the relationship

However, if you want to be more to your sex partner than available, do not go along with NSA. You know in the back of your mind you’re hoping for more from him. There is no more.


Men don’t pay hookers for sex they pay them to go away after sex. That’s what an associate of mine said about why men pay for sex when they can get woman to sleep with them for free.

Sex is never free. K. It costs a man his time, during which he has to listen to her or fake it. It costs him commitment that requires him to limit himself to her, or fake it. Sex costs him a quick escape after sex bc for some reason men leave in a hurry as if fleeing the scene of a crime. Those are different currencies women will exchange for sex. Or, he could just compensate her for her time in cash.

NSA has been great for men. It’s getting a woman to behave with the indifference of a prostitute and for free! Almost free. He does have to lead her on, a bit. He must imply that maybe one day, when they could be more than just “friends with benefits.”

For a man it is a victory to convince a woman she is cool to go along with No strings attached, sex on demand. For free. Is that what is meant by the colloquialism “hit it and quit it”? Or like Tupac rapped, “in and out just like a robbery.”

Another acquaintance of mine did a little rhyme to sum up the situation guys find so desirable.

NSA—Beats Pay 4 Play

  • NSA is No Strings Attached sex.
  • It could start with a call to an ex
  • I pay for her Uber, just one way
  • Upon her arrival it’s All of the play,
  • Yet no need to pay.
  • When it’s over there’s no detour on her way to the door
  • It is totally cool to send her on her way.
  • Then I enjoy the rest of my day,
  • she’s long gone and has no say.

By an anonymous client (a “hobbyist”) of a sex worker

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