My Wife is Married But I Am Not—A clue that will tell you if your relationship is over

I Enjoyed Being a Sex Worker For Surprising Reasons

The sex was not my thing. I just waited that out. I liked the company. It surprised me that guys wanted to talk at all. I never imagined they’d want to talk to me. I learned to fine tune my understanding. They did not want to listen to me but the were often willing to talk about themselves. They liked someone showing an interest in them. I asked questions that did not threaten anonymity. Like, would you be ok if your wife had a friend, or, not even a friend, just someone to hang out with. Someone to forget about when she returns home to her real life. Not one guy was alright with his woman doing ether same thing he did. He knew he was operating under a double standards and did not care. To their credit, the guys I spoke with never pretended to be fair.

Men want their women to belong only to them and they’d like temporary sexual access to everyone else. In a perfect world.

My wife is married but I am not. What’s most important is that she thinks we are both married.

A hobbyist talking about his expectation of widely loyalty.

Endlessly fascinating, that was my experience of talking to men whose logic I never could have guessed.

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