Getting Rid of the names of racists on buildings? Good luck with that. We might as well stop naming buildings after people because no one is going to be able to pass the morals test. We do not know what we will consider appalling in the future that is accepted now. People will look back at us, aghast, and say, “can you believe the ignorance of people at that time? We must remove all remnants of 2020 from the present. And do NOT show their hairstyles from 2020. What were they thinking?” I ask you, if not for these reminders of the past, what will we use for reminders of the past? How many people Googled the word “eugenics” who would never have done so had not Margaret Sanger’s name come up. Didn’t she do a lot for her cause? If I understand it correctly, wasn’t she pro-abortion? There was a time when I would have objected to a tribute to someone who supported abortion. Now, I understand the issue is complex and the main thing I can do is use my freedom to not have an abortion, personally. I do not involve myself in other people’s reproductive decisions because I am not in a position to take care of all the unwanted babies that would be born to unwilling mothers if we did away with abortion. Given the mixed, even contradictory feelings I have, do I think Margaret Sanger is good, or bad? It is impossible for me to come up with The Moral Answer. I will immerse myself in feeling a sense of gratitude that I have a chance to learn of her existence because the information is presented. Leave the names. Let us learn from them. Either that, or do full background checks on everyone, including their stances on stray dogs and littering, etc…Ridiculous

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