True Words, Secretly Recorded: A Childhood in the Drug World—An Anonymous Woman Talks about Childhood in Crime

August 19, 2020

  • HarvardxhookrinHI, from x-street walker to sex talker

Ethical Issues: People don’t know they are recorded while they are speaking. They do give permission after the fact for this blog to feature their words. Anonymity is mandatory. In order to humanize people I know I would have crossed the street to avoid, they need to be totally unselfconscious.

People feel free to speak to someone who they feel lacks the status to judge them. At first, this may seem insulting but on a deeper level, people feel safe, safe from being judged. I can hear things they’d never tell anyone. It doesn’t matter if I haven’t been downtown in a decade or more. That’s how they remember me. I want to make that dubious claim to fame an inducement to talk truth. What a great gift I can give and what a great gift I have received.

If I did not know the identity of the speaker I would not know who was giving this exclusive inside view into a childhood in crime. She felt confident that her anonymity is safe. I will share this video on YouTube and provide the link. Thanks for listening!

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