–CNN disagrees with me because I agree with Nelson Mandela: I could support a racist

CNN is not impartial and it is troubling

It’s clear to me CNN hates Trump. It would not ordinarily matter. However our American press is supposed to strive for neutrality. Instead CNN is ready to dispute everything Trump says. The network is quick to explain why he is bad. CNN eagerly counts every Trump lie. Someone in the network feeds his family by doing the job of counting Trump’s lies. Why does it bother me? No one at CNN balances the info with the number of times Trump is honest or correct. Trump has to have done at least one thing right or his enemies would’ve ousted him by now. I do not support Trump. But I trust him more than I trust CNN.

I want to hear CNN go against its own position as a Democratic voice instead of a media outlet. Here’s an example of the foolishness we can expect from a top news creator (not reporter):

You have to think about would you support a racist?

Chris Cuomo commenting on an official pausing to consider if he would support Trump if Trump said “I am a racist.” Trump never said that. But what if..?

Chris Cuomo was happily unhappy about the official who did not jump to hypothetically withdraw support from Trump in the hypothetical scenario that described Trump saying “I said that bc I am a racist.” Chris Cuomo posed a hypothetical question he said had nothing to do with anything Trump said. Why would we waste time speculating about something that did not happen? Why bother? To get the words out there. Maybe someone only tunes in long enough to think they hear a report of Trump’s racism.

I would absolutely have to pause to consider if I would support a racist. Who cares what he believes. I only care what he does. Nelson Mandela has some great teachings on leadership and he taught things I never thought of. Mandela had to work with racists who had blood on their hands. People who had helped keep him unjustly imprisoned for twenty years. Mandela knew it had to be done and therefore he did it. He knew to lead you put aside your feelings and you don’t consider the feelings of the people you work with. Only deal with their actions. President Kennedy was beloved by all and considered a champion of civil rights when the truth is he did nothing, zip, such, zero, for civil rights. It was Johnson, the Southerner who signed legislation that protects us as I write this.

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