A Reader asked me: why don’t you offer a solution to addiction? I am correcting the oversight

I was scrolling through the results of a search I did on my site. I put “expertescort2018.com” in the search box and I stumbled upon a 2019 comment written on Savvy Life 101:

I like that you are willing to talk about addiction. But there are no solutions offered? Why don’t you offer a solution

Savvy Life 101, 2019
I have so much to share with you all about what happened. I never thought of myself as having solutions for anyone else. I do not believe there is a solution to addiction but I DO believe there are lessons in life I have learned and many of the lessons came from addiction. Therefore, I have something to teach about what works, in life. I will offer this bit of wisdom about HOW TO be teachable: I am open to correction. I am willing to say I could do things differently. Pay attention to conversations from here on out and you will discover that hardly anyone says “I could be wrong.” This might be the first time you are hearing the phrase. I could have been wrong about not offering solutions, big or small. Allow me to fix my oversight.
Solution: There is a way to be teachable, though you may not find it pleasant. Earnestly say “I could be wrong.” Ouch! That one smarts. Endure the pain of admitted imperfection. Then, change your behavior to test the hypothesis. Both steps are necessary to be a teachable person who is open to correction.

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