It’s rumored that when a woman has this reaction, men find it really exciting

I find it disturbing to think this is true but…

One reader made a comment that started me thinking:

I know of a family where the husband didnt use protection only to see the fear of pregnancy and reluctance on the wifes face and when she took the matter in her hands and started having pills, he could not perform and even lost interest in sex

I thought about what a lot of women reported an I have a suspicion that men find it arousing when women express a bit of pain. If she wants him to back off, because he is starting to hurt her, men respond with enthusiasm, even when they do accommodate her by easing up. I am not talking about people who are into s&m but people who would say they are not.

Why don’t we experiment? Try letting him know that he is doing that too hard, or it is too much. Throw in an “ouch” either for real or just to see what happens.

There are men who have a secret part of themselves that they may not be aware of, and it is a part that wants to push the edge of inflicting pain.

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