My Earliest Blogging Efforts to Record Details Life as Call Girl

November 19, 2017… get a call 📞 at 5:30 a.m. by someone who saw my number on the site that allows providers to post ads free. He wants to see me a short drive away in Waikiki. I have to work out bc a taut body is my best feature. So of course I am late but only by 10 minutes which is enough to have the acquaintance who served as my 🚖 cab driver fuming. It’s funny to rush somewhere then wait then find out you received directions to wrong hotel 🏙 then walk up 1.5 blocks then wait then appointment time and hence compensation cut in half. Typical time. Glad to ultimately make it worth my while. But I was definitely glad to take the bus and use my bus pass rather than need a cab! I hate the sly, knowing smirk on the driver’s face. I have been told that a single Black woman in Waikiki at night is always assumed to be a hooker. I can’t get mad. In my case this assumption is right on the money. I feel conspicuous, like all eyes are on me and they know what they are seeing. In my case it is not self centered to think I am getting attention because I am. Will I be able to get up to the room without security stopping me to ask, do you need help, miss? They ask if I need help but not once has anyone offered any real assistance! In 45 minutes I will be getting high and none of this will matter.

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