New (to many) Mask Advice, Summarized w/ Article Link, July 31, 2020

Eye Opening Pointers

1. Layers of different materials, 2 or 3 layers

2. Cut Panthose for snugness for layer closest to mouth

3. Materials: flannel, terry cloth (bath robe material), lab coat material–like the material used for scrubs. Walmart carries all of this.

4. Scotch Guard the outer layer to repel moisture

Main points in public education for prevention of virus transmission, as of today, July 31, 2020 are:

1. Stay out of groups of more than 10 people

2. Wear masks in public (I a as m not sure if they mean always or only when you’re within 6 feet of another person).

3. Avoid being cooped up indoors with other people. Seek well ventilated areas, breezy outdoor areas are best.

4. MY OBSERVATION: people use a tissue to press elevator buttons, other objects touched by may people. They promptly forget the tissue is theoretically contaminated, and ball it up in their hand for use at the next area of “touch concern.” Use an itty bitty piece of tissue and dispose of it after one use. Without littering!

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