NOT JUST THE RICH, Link :Rich People Are Learning That a Pandemic Is the Ideal Time to Get *All* the Cosmetic Treatments

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Plastic Surgery Not Just Indulgence

Sure, I had a breast augmentation. It turned out great and years later I am still delighted with results. That procedure was totally optional. But plastic surgeons and, for me, the dentist, fix problems some might call cosmetic but the problems significantly impact life. I-received treatment facial dark marks that have been the bane of my existence. Also, the front tooth that was broken in an accident ten years ago was permanently repaired and capped. A root canal, a porcelain cap! My beloved dentist earned the Thousands of dollars that I had in a lump sum thanks to the stimulus.

You do know that any infection from the neck up can be fatal? I could not afford the expensive procedures. I got dental parch jobs that sloppily kind of tided me over until things changed. Things changed. The money came in and I asked myself, what is most important? Health! I applied the funds accordingly. I am so grateful.

Here in Hawaii we used to have something like 30,000 people flying in and out daily. Now flights transport under 1000 people. The difference is visible because the attractions are empty. Our OVID-19 case numbers and percentage of positive results have both increased. For the first time we had two days of triple digit new cases. The pot engage of people who test positive is up fro around 1% to about 5-6%. Significant, absolutely. If the trend continues we will end up like other places: we will actually see and experience illness in our lives. For the most part we have not. It is still difficult to find anyone who knows anyone who has tested positive.

At this point in time, during the first stimulus, many of us lost our jobs but were given much more than we were making. No one is sick. The wisest among us used our windfall for our betterment. We have gotten dental work, plastic surgery, and saved/invested. We are not broke. Others went to the game rooms and you know how gambling ends. Visible disease happened elsewhere while we had the protection of geographical quarantine.

I am worried about what could happen. The feds are not sending the money any more. Covid-19 Cases are rising in number. Tourism, our economy, is still closed. I knew these days would come though I still hope we can escape the ravages of society wide disease. I will not be able to afford the tummy tuck, I hope that is the worst of my problems for the rest of 2020.

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