Face Mask Mistakes—Public Service Announcement (source: WebMD)

My PSA is not state supported since I didn’t get arrested

Say what⁉️ Yes I am serious A blogger who is originally from the Philippines and now lives in Alabama was arrested in Hawaii for somehow violating quarantine. The state of Hawaii is requiring that she use her blog, that has millions of fans in her native country, for the good by showing state approved Public Service Announcements about COVID-19 precautions (I assume that’s the plan.)

What fabulous publicity for her! She really scored with her arrest. My past record has not been profitable at all, lol! Any—hoo, I thought I would follow the good example of saying health promoting words in my own forum. I do not (yet) reach millions but it’s trite but true when I say it’s worth it to me if just one person reads my work.

Cover mouth, nose, and chin while maintaining taut contact with cheeks—my interpretation of mask advice in a nutshell
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