Fellow Blogger’s Can’t Miss Link: It’s my LIFE…

You are free to judge me, But dont get offended if I just dont Care. It’s my life and Only I get to choose how I live, Your opinions trickle away …

It’s my LIFE…

What Great Insight!

I write a lot about how it feels to be judged as less than others based upon past mistakes/misdeeds. It sucks. I did not know how to move past being judged to showing people that me and people like me, are humans. We were not simply born this way, we were made: addicted, criminal, anti-social, what-have-you by a melding of what we are and what we have experienced. We have fascinating stories of forbidden mindsets that can enlighten or at the very least, entertain. I want to tell stories I know and the strange thing, for me anyway, is that I have no higher goal in mind other than to be heard (or read). Do with my words what you will. No matter my goal people always do what they want anyway! I simply concede I am powerless over the application of my words

How to get the judgy to pay attention?

When I was in college I was just about the most judgmental person I’ve ever known. I was full of notions of what people should and should not do. I was not motivated to understand weak people and their failures. I would NEVER have thought an Xhookr had anything to say worth hearing. I would NOT have doubted my wisdom by actually comparing my beliefs with facts. I had yet to learn the wisdom of AA when quoting Einstein who said, to paraphrase, that contempt prior to investigation is the best way to remain in everlasting ignorance. In other words, deciding someone or something is unworthy before learning about the person or practice. That’s the meaning of prejudice: pre or early, judgement based upon ignorance or assumptions. Maybe my certainty in the unassailability of my convictions is what people found off putting about me. Lol!

The Eureka Moment

I have linked a post that taught me something. Whenever people judge me, anyone, they expect the person under scrutiny to do something. Make a correction, show that the person passing judgement has been heard. I don’t think I ever showed the people judging me that I heard them. I never gave the people I was judging a way to communicate anything to me. Maybe that’s what I can improve.

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