A sex worker’s client emailed her for advice about contributing to Hookr Yelp during Covid

August 08, 2020

An associate of mine is contributing to the blog by sharing an anonymous email she received August 2020. In the study of history this email would be known as a primary document. You are not reading stuff written by people who study history. I’m giving you true history. Note the indicators of this point in time such as the use of dating sites, COVID, the option to leave an online review


Yesterday I had a session with a lady I’ve never met before. Her ad does not show her face and it seems like the pictures of her body were taken 10 years ago when she was much thinner. I met her at her place which was on a third floor apartment in a condominium. In order to meet her, I had to drive to a fish restaurant in [*** *******] and then call her whereupon she gave me directions to her location. When I finally got there all she wanted to do is talk. Apparently she researched me because when I called her, I guess my name appears on her caller ID. That spooked me because I don’t really like the idea of someone knowing my real name. Do you know my real name? Maybe I should get a separate phone under a fake name.
Unfortunately, she was not a sexy person in my opinion. She was a bit overweight and was not a very playful type of person. My *** did not jump to attention at the thought of having sex with her She did let me take a shower and was lying naked on the bed when I finished. Although I did [****deleted due to graphic nature of the sentence***] she had eschewed kissing during the COVID-19 pandemic. All-in-all I did not really enjoy my session all that much and will not go back to see her again.
At this point I am pondering what I should do? Should I post a negative review of her on [***] (its back up and running again). Should I write her a thank you note and tell here how I actually feel? Or, should I just move on and not do anything?

Given the options he presented, what should he do? What would you do? Something he never considered?

Thank you for spending part of your life here with me. I am honored and humbled by this generosity with your time!🌺🇺🇸

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