YouTube videos show how Sex Workers are put at risk by UnAmerican values

August 08, 2020

A quote from a promo for “MasterClass” that sums up the problem in the 🇺🇸 today:

Two classes—taught by Kevin Spacey and Hoffman—have been removed following allegations of sexual misconduct against the actors (which both have denied).

Analysis of Masterclass Promo Tactics

Excuse me? Allegations? Accusations? And consequences are swift and certain following someone pointing the finger and saying, “I say he did it!” I am appalled for two reasons

  • Due process is a right, our right as American citizens. It is the set of procedures society owes us, these procedures are due to us. It’s a multi step process that demands increasing proof before the authorities move to the next step. Police might have probable cause to search your car but they need a higher level of proof to arrest you. Innocent until proven all the way guilty. The presumptive innocence is vital. In Mexico you’re presumed guilty. You have to mount a defense instead of the prosecution making a case. Big difference. If we are punishing people based on an allegation and we as a society do not raise holy hell when we see it, we are rejecting one of the best features of being American.
  • People might think it’s progress for people to respond severely to allegations but it’s actually business as usual when people decided not what to take seriously but who. A woman had to be qualified as a good girl for anyone to care. #MeToo perpetuated this impossible standard by constantly talking about the “innocent” victims of sexual abuse. No one deserves sexual abuse even if people think that’s exactly what she deserves.

I don’t want to have to present my resume for people to decide I am worth caring about. I have already seen that I won’t make the cut. Black Lives Matter needs to make it clear that the issue, for example, is not who George Floyd was but what the police did. I will include the video of me being assaulted May 13, 2020 and both housing management and the police decided I am not worth caring about. They have heard that I used to work the streets downtown. The “office” let residents know it’s ok to bully me. Two people assaulted me on video. (See below). The assailants still live here but is there anyone among you who thinks I would still have a place to live if the roles were reversed and there was a video of me hitting the old man over the head❓ Racist Attack Caught on Film+Unpunished, May 13, 2020.

“Bleach Throwing Neighbor”

This assault was filmed May 29, 2019. In this short video you can skip to the 3:10 point to get to the main action. You will see an example of what management allows me to endure because I am no poster child, I am not a classically innocent victim. Therefore, I am not due any process of protection from abusers or process of investigation of allegations against me. Do you think it’s right, that I am getting what I have asked for and what else can I expect? Or do you think I am still an American who is entitled to constitutional rights? Does anyone think I would still have an apartment if the roles were reversed and I was filmed throwing bleach on a resident?

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