A Sex Worker Knows Not To Take Opinions of Her Looks Too Seriously

His Motives Might Be Hidden, even from him

I wrote a post about having two clients in one night. The price for escort services that were listed in the Yellow Pages back then was $300/hr. The first guy gave me $300 and talked for an hour about how he couldn’t believe he was in the presence of such a beautiful woman.

An hour later, when I should still look beautiful, I met the next person. The second guy was an unsmiling man who gave me $3 when we met and asked me to go into 7-11 to get him a soda. As soon as I had shut the car door behind me, he peeled out of the parking lot, tires screeching. 🚘I called and demanded to know why he burned rubber in his haste to flee. I wanted an answer so I challenged his pride by saying, “if you’re any kind of man you will speak up.” He said when he saw me, all he could think was:

Frankly, I was expecting more. They want $300 from me and they sent you?

A disappointed customer

I recall the not so obvious reasons clients were attracted to me. There was a guy who wanted to call me by his grandmother’s first name. It is not uncommon for guys to dwell on the working girl’s perceived resemblance to a relative, usually but not always, a female relative. This resemblance is a point in her favor and not a deterrent. I found sister the most common relative mentioned. Incest fantasies abound.

The point is, every guy is looking for someone to fulfill his fantasy. It’s not about your appearance but about how closely you match the image in his head. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, that I can confirm. That’s not only true for tricks but for everyone. If someone does not like your looks it says more about their opinions than your appearance.

What works for me is prioritizing my opinion of my appearance over everyone else’s🌺


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