The Reason Why Sex Workers Post Fake Pix Despite Male Objection

Sex Workers Know Great Pix Stir Men

Even when blinded by sexual desire men poring over alleged images of Sex workers they can actually call know the pics aren’t always up to date or even human. Artificial Intelligence produces great advertising images. They know they are being lied to and they like it. They like women going out of their way to be appealing. These guys don’t care that the women want money because what matters is what he wants. And what he wants is to be wanted and invited in, for whatever reason. Women know when men are fully expecting sex, and the moment arrives, he is seizing the moment no matter what she looks like.

Sex Workers know fake pix will get him through the door. Once he is in the door money is changing hands. I think Walmart uses the same principle to sell it’s useless dollar items that serve as impulse buys near the register. Get ‘em through the door, you’re making money.

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