“Gigantic amount of Community Spread,” Hawaii Lt. Gov. Josh Green 8/18/2020 on COVID-19 in Hawaii right now

Hawaii on a summer Tuesday was never like this. I’m watching the midday news and giving you up to the minute info. One more person has died. Today’s total new cases is under 200. A bit better. But we are headed for tightened restrictions—a press conference is coming later today

Hawaii Lt Gov is a medical doctor and has stepped up to be a daily presence on tv. He is trying to educate the community, get rules passed that would help, like stay at home measures. The governor appears to be jealous. The news reported the governor wanted to uninvite Josh Green from important pandemic meetings, but that did not happen. The governor is what they call “local Japanese” and people like that. Leadership appears, to me, to be in the hands of local Japanese. Rarely do you see a Hawaiian in a position of prominence. Gov David Ige (pronounced EE-gay) seems, imho, to be in a constant state of mild confusion. He even speaks slowly. He is a good example of how the stereotype of the brilliant Asian is just not true.

Came up short with contact tracing.

Josh Green, explaining replacement of top DOH leadership

Some state senators paid a surprise visit to DOH and caught workers slacking. The governor of Hawaii wrote the senators a letter scolding them for their attitudes. I wouldn’t be surprised, in a state this politically corrupt, if the slackers were friends or relatives of the governor. The governor of Hawaii is as useful as Trump but with a very bland personality so there’s not much fodder for comedians.

Need 10,000 tests a day…that’s how you stop it

Josh Green, revealing how far short Hawaii has fallen at less than one third the number of daily tests

A disaster

Josh Green commenting on 181 positive cases in the jail on Oahu, the Oahu Community Correctional Center (colloquially pronounced O triple C)

How contradictory can you get? They closed the beaches. But I just watched a “surf report” on the news with video of lots of people in the water. They are “encouraged to practice safe distancing.” What??

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