A Sex Worker’s Client Speaks

What He Says

I am so glad that in over 34 years in the hobby as a client, I NEVER had a “date” with a lady who was an addict. Hell, most of them rarely drank alcohol. To be honest though, I only dated high – end escorts/call girls who were true independents. And their hourly fee was at least
$X, XXX. These ladies were also tipped quite well — sometimes in excess of an fee. I believe that EVERY provider has their place in the marketplace and as long as they provide their clients with professional service and the right attitude, they deserve to be treated as a lady with all due respect.

This comment was a response to my effort to illustrate the diversity of the women who engage in sex work. There is a population of, mostly, homeless women and men, who engage in addiction driven prostitution. Like N. A. says their full time occupation is dope: getting, using, and finding ways and means to get more. There are also providers who engage in prostitution out of necessity and their career only lasts for the duration of the hardship. Still others choose sex work as a way to make a lot of money with very little overhead on your own schedule. Just like people in any job, they may or may not have substance abuse issues but regardless, their primary motivation is not drugs nor does 100% of their income go to drugs or drug related expenses.

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