Secret Street Sex or an indoor rendezvous?

Addiction➡️➡️Homelessness ➡️➡️Prostitution

I want to reiterate that not all sex workers are addicted and/or homeless. That stereotype is not 100% true. Having said that, there is another undeniable truth: addiction is a mental illness that I characterize as an affliction of disordered perception that cause addicts to make logical decisions based upon what they perceive as truth. For example, the unshakable “knowledge “ that I must have this drug to the exclusion of all else. There goes the job, the rent money, the savings, the domicile. The only way to support yourself is to get money from other people. They can give it to you or you can take it. Men are motivated to give sex workers their money. Street walking is one of the easiest ways to make money under these circumstances. Just walk to a known prostitution area, colloquially known as “the track” or the “ho stroll” or the “stroll.” If all goes well you could be speed walking to the dope man with $100 in your pocket 15 minutes after you hit the street.

How does That Work? Details?

You’re on the sidewalk adjacent to a street where cars move slowly enough for you to catch the eye of the driver in the oncoming car. If he is experienced he recognizes the purpose of your eye contact. If he likes you he nods his head, indicating with the tilt of a chin that he will meet you a little bit up the road. You watch as he passed you and pulls into the next vacant spot. You get in. There’s no talk of money bc no one wants to get arrested (more on that later). You can go to one of the out of the way spots either of you know of and spend time in the vehicle. But what if he wants to get out of the car? That’s when you say, in response to the question, “do you have a place?”this: I have a gay friend who will let me use his spot.

There are addicted guys in the low rent apartments in the downtown Honolulu area who spent their time waiting for one of the girls to come by with a date. For $20 or $40 one of these guys would either step out of his tiny unit or let you spend time in the bathroom. If he lived in an SRO with the common bathroom in the hallway, you’d get the apartment. The guys were always eager to make an exit because their hustle was offering the use of their apartments for drugs or money for drugs. Maybe there was a bed. Maybe just blankets on the floor. I personally disliked the air mattress, I could never understand how anyone could sleep on one of those full time. The dates never wanted to linger so once again, 15 minutes or less. I always introduced the guy as my gay friend bc I didn’t want the dates thinking I was taking them to my boyfriend who might flip out. A couple of times, when the occupants really were gay, the dates rejected me in favor of the resident. After the rendezvous ended, guys always wanted to run away as fast as possible so they always walked out in a hurry, without me, to lessen the chance if someone seeing us together. Any guy with an extra $20 or $40 for a room often had $100 for the date which was pretty much the most I ever made at one time in the street. Everybody was happy especially since such rapid progress was made towards the ultimate goal for the date (the encounter) and the sex worker (drug money). I would not hit the street again until after the dope I got, and did in the apartment, ran out. The cycle repeated. For years.
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