Yes, according to Hawaii appellate court, if you are fat you are promoting obesity no matter what this Twitter link claims

This tweet is a video of a woman, presumably a fat woman, objecting to someone’s statement that by being fat she is promoting obesity. I know a jailhouse lawyer (an inmate knowledgeable about law who acts as his own attorney and also helps other inmates with legal advice) who appealed his conviction for promoting a dangerous drug. That’s a five year conviction in Hawaii and in Hawaii possession of any quantity of an illegal drug no matter how small, is promotion. The guy I know who acted as his own attorney was heard by the appellate court judges and the guy explained to me why the judges ruled against him. He made the case that he was a single person who, admittedly, was smiling crack outdoors, but he never tried to recruit others or sing the praises of smoking crack. The judges said that whatever you do in public, that other people can potentially see, that’s promotion. There’s the expression “do as I do , not as I say,” and in truth that is exactly what people do. They may not follow what you say but they do follow what you do. You might not realize you are an example for anyone. Simply because you do not know you are visible doesn’t make you invisible. People may not realize they are following your example, but they are susceptible to any public display of anything. If you’re getting drugs in public and doing them in public you are promoting drugs. By that reasoning if you are fat in public you are promoting obesity.

As lonely as I feel without anyone close to me my feelings aren’t facts. The truth: what we show the world is what we are promoting without saying a word. I want to try harder to be better for all the people who see me or who read me even if there are no appellate court judges looking at me I know someone sees me and may very well imitate the example I cannot help setting

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