In Hawaii boys can openly be girls; it’s the desire of married men for mahus that’s kept secret

Men can be mahus but family guys hide their attraction

In Hawaii, boys taking on the dress and identity of girls from a young age through adulthood is normal and accepted. Colloquially called “mahus,” they are referred to as “she” and there’s no argument about which bathroom they use. They use the women’s bathroom in public and if possible, they get their own time. Their exaggerated displays of hyper-femininity is not meant to conceal that they are men. On the street, they make the most money and it’s not the openly gay guys that pick them up. The married guys with wives and kids sneak away to pick up working mahus from the downtown “ho stroll.” These men aren’t looking for women, and they are not tricked into believing they picked up a woman. They want a man dressed like a woman. Ironically, during the encounter, I’m told that the mahu plays the role of the man and the client submits, sexually, to the guy in the dress. I could never have made these details up out of my imagination because Im not this creative. These details come from extensive interviews with people who have been there.

Married men desiring mahus is what’s really going on in Honolulu.

Caroleena, the expert escort who discovered that, like most female sex workers, she could not outcompete the men who dressed as women, called each other “she,” but always made it clear they were really men bc that’s where the money maker.

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