How does A Harvard grad Convince Herself She’s Not on the Street?

DENIAL: Caroleena had a world class degree but her drug addiction had made her homeless. How did she see the rainbow of hope in Honolulu streets? She told herself she was downtown doing an anthropological study on the subculture of street life. She watched the other working girls and took notes. When she was waiting for customers to pick her up for a date, she journaled her observations. When the date was over and she race walked to the nearest dealer on one of the corners of Hotel Street, she imagined the actress who would play her in the movie. In the early 2000’s it was becoming evident that everyone would be involved with the internet. Caroleena promised herself she’d put all of her writings online one day. She was not dealing with a personal tragedy but the makings of a best seller that Oprah would recommend.
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