How Does Being Hated Feel?

Do you claim membership in a group that society judges as “bad”? And “everybody” knows you are not one of the good ones? In my humble opinion, groups that are held in contempt include, but are not limited to: sex workers, convicted felons, people with mental illness or addictions. Have you ever been told that you or people like you, should commit suicide? Or, that your death would do the world a favor, as in “you’d save the taxpayers a lot of money if you killed yourself instead of going in and out of prison for years.” It is hard for some people to imagine anyone saying such a thing to them. They know only, for the most part, respect. They do not know what it’s like to choose between covering your ears to keep from hearing hateful words that will linger in your head for years, or listen to the words for valuable information, in case your enemy makes a threat. You cannot imagine a life that did not include people hating you. The fact that people who will never know you or meet you, hate you, has become a part of your identity. You know who you are by the people who hate you. Their voices are more numerous than those who love you. Louder, too. Every day you must decide if you’re going to believe what those voices say about you.

Being hated all your life makes you feel like you know who you are because your long term companion, hatred, tells you.

Caroleena’s answer to “how does it feel to be hated?”

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