“Manterruption” vs “No Means No”. See linked Tweet


Manterruption is a term I just learned. The definition I’ve linked explains in more detail than I am going to, but to summarize, it’s men interrupting women bc they automatically feel there’s nothing a woman says they are bound to respect or even wait out. Am reminded of why I hate the phrase “no means no.” Demanding that men respect the phrase acknowledges that we have to keep repeating ourselves, that we can expect to be ignored, but in the end, he must listen. The fact is, the men I talk to about this plea laugh at the idea of the tables being turned. The idea that they should have to speak more than once is so absurd they do not even mention it. No means no, as a mantra is like us begging to beg. I hate that phrase because I refuse to speak more than twice. Once, someone might not have heard. But after the second time my position is only weakened by each reposition of anything. A terrytiin is how men deal with no means no and it infuriates me. This isn’t my best writing but I feel led to ost these thoughts as they occur to me.

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