How to Control your Anger?

Once upon a time, there is a monk who is living in a small village. But he feels the village is full of noise. He wants to meditate peacefully so he …

How to Control your Anger?
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4 responses to “How to Control your Anger?”

  1. Your writing gives me a ton of insight into certain things.. At times I find myself in total disagreement, normally generalizations involving men as a whole, however I am also learning that you most likely are right and if some of these generalizations don’t apply to me it is most likely because I am either not seeing clearly from ground zero or that perhaps I am a bit more sensitive or empathetic than average, so I keep my mind open realizing you have interacted with many more people than I and in a very different way.. You do give me hope and life lessons, many that I am aware of or should be by now but for whatever reason I am able to digest and apply in this format..

    I have been aware of your blog for awhile but not leaned into it till the last 3 or 4 months.. I will try to comment more as I do get something from most of your writings… My cat is a godsend, my goal is to be the man this kitty believes I am, in his eyes I can do no wrong….

    How many hours a day do you write, I become more fascinated by you all the time…


  2. I just want to say thank you for your blog. Often feels like you are writing to me specifically, you have given me strength and insight during some very hard days and dark times… I just want you to know that I appreciate you and feel often feel as if you are the only friend I have.


    • Wow that’s the most amazing thing anyone’s ever said to me. In the interest of showing a broad audience something I’ve learned I’d like to point out that I never would have imagined that I have the capacity to give anyone hope. That’s a big thing! And I can impart it? Maybe we all have that capacity. Maybe if we enter into any activity with the intention of doing good we can, without even knowing exactly how, do more good than we imagine. And personally, I know I’ve grown attached to certain television shows that I imagine kind of keep me company, or my cat, who I on occasion think takes care of my emotional need to snuggle. Again , it might be common to humans to look to people we don’t know and can never meet, for friendship. I feel a renewed commitment to write now that I know I can provide the very things I would like to have but find myself lacking—companionship and hope


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