No, I have never been with a woman. For real!

People are astounded that I have no girl on girl experiences to share—from my life

When I was growing up, and I guess even now, heterosexual identity was the automatic default. Everyone is assumed to be straight until they “come out,” a major life event no matter how friends and family receive the news. But when people find out you used to be a sex worker they just assume you have done it all, or you would. Add to that assumption another another assumption—that women’s prison is like a porn movie minus the feather pillow fights in nighties.—and no longer am I assumed to be straight unless I say otherwise. people think my experiences have been out of bounds.

The Truth

The women I know would agree with me when I say we were always trying to get out of there as fast as possible to get the next high. We did that work because it was readily available, required no start up money, no experience or training was necessary, and most importantly, on the street you could go from broke to having a tax free hundred dollar bill in 30 minutes. And let’s face it, those of us in the grip of addiction could not take much more time than that away from the dope unless looking for it took a really long time. We were not sex fiends. We hadn’t necessarily been molested as kids (I speak for myself). Street sex work was the path to the dope that worked best for us. Take away the need for dope and you take away the desperate motivation to do things we did not want to do. Sorry if I ruin male fantasies but when we were together there were no orgies. It was always about getting high. And we certainly did not do volunteer work in jobs we disliked. Recreational sex for free? Unheard of, among these working girls who were like anyone who hated their jobs. In the 70’s there was a song, “Take this job and shove it.” That song perfectly captured the sentiment of women whose highest aspiration at that time in life was free dope.

Women who liked men still wanted to be around men but with one requirement

What is common among addiction driven street sex workers is an actual aversion to sex. Interestingly the aversion does not propel women into lesbianism if they weren’t predisposed to be lesbians. Women still enjoyed being around men, they just came to dislike men in their sexual states. Therefore many women had a way of forming relationships with men who were not inclined to touch. These working girls formed non sexual partnerships with men who can’t have sex or prefer other men. After all, It’s nice to come home and not have to work. Again , no same sex feather pillow fights with lots of pretty women in nighties. Just a bunch of women who (often) want to be left alone already.

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