Is a Site Advertising Free Sex Or Escorts? One Word Identifies the Purpose

If you’re on a site that’s offering you companionship, how do you k ow if you are being hooked up with people who expect you to pay upfront to walk through your door, or to allow you to walk through their door? One word tells you everything you need to know. The word?


Casual dating means that price do not expect to receive money. Nor do people expect to pay for anyone’s time. In fact, when you see the word casual you are likely dealing with people who will be highly offended if they are asked for money. They might even get angry and threaten an innocent person making a simple inquiry with bodily harm. So I have been told.

That’s not to say that these people won’t demand sex. They very well might. And when they do, they expect total strangers to do their bidding, for absolutely nothing. I’m not just talking about money. I am talking about conversation, politeness, interest, the intangibles besides money that people trade for sex. These people offer nothing, want what they want, and they are out of there once they get it. Evidently, there are people who go along with this arrangement to make it worthwhile to set up a site. The rules are not really clear. Casual relationships baffle me. Maybe that’s why I turned to escorting. The unnatural transactional relationship requires people to state upfront what’s wanted. No nuance, no cues, no indecipheribles that bewilder someone like me who does not get social repartee. If you’re like me and you want to know what’s what in a way ordinary people never tell you, avoid “casual” at all costs.à


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