Racism, Theft, Addiction, Corruption–underneath public disapproval people are ok with these

People are not going to admit to being racist but just about everyone has assumptions about people, even people who look like them. People say they are all for fairness but if there is a way to get ahead, some secret advantage denied to most others, people will seize it. Married men will almost never say they desire the men dresses like women who are not trying to pass for women (called magus). However, the magus who openly walk the streets of downtown and have done so for years. They have thriving one man businesses powered by the after tax dollars if married men who see them just before or right after seeing their wives. It’s not that people are against theft as much as they are against being robbed themselves. It seems to me that people take as much as they want, steal when they can get away with it, cheat with people they are not supposed to find attractive. The main components of the underworld are privacy to do things without being seen and secrecy so that the light never shines on their actions. If it’s true that what’s done in the dark will come to the light there are people who decide to act acceptably but far more decide to keep that light from shining. That’s what this site is about. It’s a view of what you’d see if you had night vision goggles on.


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