The Heroin Dealer and the Lady Who Claimed she had cancer, Part I

There once was an aging hooker who examined her life the way the parole board did, the last time she had been incarcerated. *What are you going to do, walk the streets with gray hair?” The head of the board had asked that. Such a mean comment from such a notably good looking man. The answer to that question was of course she wouldn’t be an old gray haired hooker. She would dye her hair like everyone else. This particular working girl had many friends among the addicts on the street. Friends on the street are less likely to badmouth a person behind her back. These friends had liked the working girl for her modesty. There’s nothing worse than being around someone who this is she is all that, and she’s right about it. However, things changed when she struck up a relationship with a dealer. He was wealthy by Honolulu street standards which meant he could afford to buy an ounce of black tar heroin at one time. That was as much as $2500 an ounce or as little as $1600. More than double mainland U.S. prices. On the neighbor islands of Hawaii dope was twice as much as it was in Honolulu, 4times mainland prices. There’s quite a bit of profit out there if you could go to the mainland, California usually, and secret the dope in a body cavity. Or, if you had someone bankroll you. That’s how the once modest aging hooker that time had rode hard and put up wet, became vain, and her street friends became supplicants. She liked them better as beggars than peers though she would not admit that to herself. There was one supplicant whose begging did not thrill the dealer: the pleas of the lady who said she had cancer…To Be Continued

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