Hookers have something people envy

Scantily clad women fighting to win.

The common perception about prostitution is that men pay women they find attractive for sex, possibly because these men are such losers the only way women will have sex with them is with a financial incentive. A less common, but still persistent belief is that the women are so incredible anyone would have to sweeten the offer by adding money to his proposition. My research indicates that these perceptions are not the usual reasons men pay. Men pay women to avoid wasting time on courting when he wants simply sex–right now. No strings. Men pay women bc these women won’t get attached and ruin his steady relationship by demanding more. Brief participation in the hidden and forbidden side of life always titillates. Let’s not forget, at least in Hawaii, men’s common, uber-secret, desire to be with men dresses as women who do not pass for women. In other words, prostitution is not necessarily about a woman’s beauty.

However, people believe a person must be sufficiently attractive to get a man to pay. At the very least,  a would-be provider must have enough self-confidence to hit the local “ho stroll” or promote herself on one or more of the internet sites. To me the internet has become a place the Bible warns about–where people can be lovers of themselves. It’s one thing to say “look at me” but a whole other level to say “choose me over the others and pay me.”

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