Sexual Safety for High School + College Women

There is one thing about sexual Safety every woman needs to know and here it is so take notes:

If you are the only woman among a group of guys who are drinking alcohol GET OUT NOW!

Whenever I hear stories about a young woman hanging out with the football team, or at a fraternity and she gets raped I feel sad and angry. My strong emotional feelings don’t come from the knowledge of how heinous rape is but from my knowledge of something else: I am pretty sure that no one ever told her what I just shared with you my beloved Readers. She has no idea that people she may know individually change when a group forms and something called mob mentality takes over. People will do things when spurred on by a crowd that they’d never do alone. Add alcohol to a mob, add testosterone to group peer pressure along with one isolated female whose words just don’t matter up against all that opposition…well, there’s going to be trouble. One seemingly weak “no” against a group shouting “yes”…and not just any group but a each of the guys wants to belong to, and the likelihood of rape skyrockets.

Not that anyone will really believe her. People forget, or never really knew to begin with that a young woman does not know that just by hanging out with a group of guys people assume she must want to have sex with one or more. Why else would she be in a group of guys? (On the opposite side a boy hanging out with a group of young women is assumed to be gay; it is not assumed he wants sex with all of the women. Interesting. I will ponder this point in later posts.) The lone woman, who has quietly been branded a “slut” cannot be believed if she says she was raped bc she’s only trying to save her already tattered reputation. I doubt there are very many women who singly take on a group of guys willingly, for fun, and from an ex-provider’s astonished point of view, for free.  I have heard of women who say “it was rape” to avoid shame if they are caught in an illicit affair and maybe feel afraid of what their fathers will do to them. However, I would give the benefit of the doubt to the woman. Society will not do this for a woman.

Readers, learn this lesson and share with your beloved young women venturing into the social world for the first time without adult supervision. If you are the only woman in a group of men drinking alcohol, GET OUT ASAP.

Suggestion: watch the movie The Accused, with Jodie Foster. It was controversial in its day and that day is not that long ago.

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