A real letter from victim to victimizer

A genuine letter fr
This is a letter from a 24 year old homeless woman to the man who, as he put it, “took here off the streets.” When he saw her pushing her possessions in a baby stroller, with her midriff baring halter top, he immediately approached her. He told her he had a place. She could hang out (meaning get high). Shower. All he asked was that she be nice to him. He never said how often she would have to be nice and how very long each session of niceness would last. He would end up being displeased bc inevitably she wants to stay for free. She can never pay off the rent. Don’t romanticize her. The entire time she’s stealing all she can and trying to snag his keys. Her letter is how she feels, what she ponders during the constant switching of victim and victimizer roles.

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